Issac Smith

Issac Smith is a third-year student at North Carolina State University studying Natural Resources with a concentration in Policy & Administration. Issac has been a member of Action for Climate Emergency (A.C.E) since the fall of 2018. Issac has served in many positions within the organization including as an Action Fellow, Senior Fellow, Coalition Member, and now Youth Advisory Board member. Issac has spent his time with A.C.E doing work surrounding community engagement, environmental advocacy, racial equity, education, and youth
engagement. He works within A.C.E to achieve a more sustainable and equitable future but also participates in programs outside of A.C.E doing conservation work and research.

Issac is most passionate about working in the environmental sector of racial equity work (environmental justice). His internship opportunity this summer is giving him the chance to learn more about practical ways to engage the black community in developing better environmental conditions within urban environments. He hopes to use his civic engagement experience and his time working within the Philly community to find the best way he can create a better, healthier, more sustainable future for black Americans across the country but starting in NC.