James Thomas

James Thomas- Board Member since 2021, previously served as a Volunteer. Graduate of NC A&T 2022. James Thomas developed Fayetteville PACT curriculum for Youth Fellowship program on social justice. James Thomas is Fayetteville PACT Communications Manager. James Thomas was previously the Chair of Fayetteville Cumberland Youth Council 2016-2018- worked with the Mayor, City Council, and County of Commissioners to better the community. Gotcha Back Program- organized a program at Festival Park, where over 1000 backpacks were given away filled with school supplies and students in need. Organized and protested Pipeline to preeminence 2020 at NCAT during Board of Trustees Meeting. Organized Petition for NCAT to switch to Pass/Fail system during circa Corona discovery.

Fought against Gerrymandering and district alignment and fought for early voting sites in the Greensboro area. Protested NCAT UPD for wrongfully arresting and using excessive force on an A&T student.